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Dr. Rita is an experienced therapist and an AAMFT Approved Supervisor, AASECT Certified Sex Therapist and a member of the Society for Sex Therapy and Research

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Dr. Rita DeMaria - in depth

Introducing the Attachment-Based Focused Genogram Workbook~ Expanding the Realms of Attachment Theor

Dr. Rita's approach to treatment is  Intergenerational Systemic Attachment Therapy, which she has developed over many years of practice.  A primary focus is to help clinicians to establish a therapeutic bond with each individual client, whether it is an individual, couple, family or extended systems  within our communities.   Assessment is key to successful treatment that includes a systemic approach as well as attention to healing attachment focused relational bonds with self and others.  Attachment theory and research has broken through a barrier that helps every therapist , clinician, researcher and others strengthen loving and bonding approaches to strengthening secure attachment bonds. 

 Dr. Rita has specific goals to help individuals and couples:

  • create loving emotional connection
  • develop concrete tools for addressing and resolving conflict
  • help each partners to explore their sexual desires
  • enhance their personal sexual needs in their relationship
  • promote personal success and happiness
  • encourage a spiritual life practice

A committed, loving, and compassionate relationship is an important key to maintaining an intimate and passionate partnership!   With a lifetime of experience, Dr. Rita's goal is to help people love each other better!


Dr. Rita introduces The 7 Stages of Marriage

About Dr. Rita DeMaria

Mentoring Professionals


Strengthen your clinical work using a new approach to attachment based on therapeutic relationships and expanding your clinical formulations.

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I welcome your visit to my YouTube channel: Rita DeMaria at The Marriage Doctor TM.  I am available for public and professional speaking and media.

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Learn more about the  Intergenerational Systemic Attachment Therapy, an integrative clinical model based on Focused Genograms, the Intersystem Approach and Attachment Theory.  

Meet The Marriage Doctor

The Marriage Doctor TM provides resources for more videos, speaking engagements, and more.......

Visit www.MarriageDoctor.com

Clinician, Speaker, Trainer, Supervisor, Author

Public Speaking; Love, Sex, and Commitment

Dr. DeMaria offers a variety of seminars. Some of her program topics include:

  • The 7 Stages of Marriage
  • Love, Success, & Happiness
  • Saving Couples in the Deep End
  • Creating a Passionate Parntership
  • Transforming Patterns of Intergenerational Family Violence
  • Bonding – the Heart of Couple’s Therapy
  • The Marriage of Love and Sex
  • Men, Women, and Love: Creating Passionate Partnerships
  • Single Dating & Reconnecting: Finding the ONE You Want
  • 'Here's My Heart’ Seminar: Empathy & Compassion Skill Builder Workshop
  • Emotional Healing Workshops
  • The Emotional Chemistry of Love

Resources for Professional Training and Supervision

  • Focused Genograms: Intergenerational Assessment of Individuals, Couples and Families, 2nd edition. (2017), Routledge.   
  • The  Attachment Based Focused Genograms Workbook (under contract)   
  • The 7 Stages of Marriage: A curriculum guide for Leader’s Workshop.  (2008)   
  • The 7 Stages of Marriage (2007, Readers’ Digest) A READER’S DIGEST HEALTH AND WELLNESS BEST SELLER, available in Spanish 
  • Building Intimate Relationships: The PAIRS Program - Integrating Treatment, Education and Enrichment (2002)   
  • Love, Marriage and Family Ties: A Guide for exploring family history and family legacies. (2009)   
  • Reversing the Ripple Effect:  Becoming a Response-Able Father  An integrated fatherhood and relationship education curricula (2010)    
  • Becoming a Depend-Able Family, A couples companion curricula (2010)
  • Preventive Approaches to Couples Therapy ( DeMaria, contributor. 1999, Berger & Hannah)
  • The Handbook of Family Therapy (DeMaria, Contributor. 2003, Sexton, Weeks and Robbins)
  • Why Do Fools Fall In Love (DeMaria, Contributor; 2000, Levine and Markman)
  • Marriage Enrichment: Preparation, Outreach and Mentoring (1998).   

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AAMFT Clinical Fellow and Approved Supervisor; Certified AASECT Sex Therapist

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Adjunct Assistant Professor, Thomas Jefferson University, Couple and Family Therapy Program, Philadelphia

Faculty & Supervisor Council for Relationships Post Graduate Program in Couple and Family Therapy


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