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Dr. Rita DeMaria is a nationally recognized relationship and marriage educator and trainer. She was an advisor for over 13 years to the Coalition for Marriage, Couple and Family Education (CMFCE, also known as– ‘Smart Marriages”. As Director of Relationship Education at Council for Relationships she established one of the most comprehensive skills based relationship education programs in the US along with the Relationship Checkup.

Programs and training offered at The Relationship Center are based on over 20 years of successful program development and implementation to help individuals and couples develop essential relationship skills for effective stress management, anger management, enhancement of sexual intimacy, and improved problem solving As an advocate of the importance of healthy relationships, along with Veronica Haggerty, Dr. DeMaria has development numerous curricula on behalf of the PAIRS Foundation, Esperanza USA, the Philadelphia’s Mayor’s Office of Community Services Fatherhood Initiative, and the Philadelphia Coalition for Healthy Relationships, Marriages and Families. She has created Teach Out of the Box Programs for counselors and lay educators based on her books, the 7 Stages of Marriage and Focused Genograms, the understanding of how family legacies and experiences influence personal and relationship experience.

The Relationship Center hosts group programs, either educational or therapy, to meet the needs of many people who want to gain greater knowledge, insight, and skills to improve their lives. These programs are open to individuals, couples, clergy, and others who want to Revitalize, Enhance, Restore, and Transform their relationships with family, friends, co-workers and their communities.

The 7 Stages of Marriage
Based on one of the Reader’s Digest Best Selling Health and Wellness books, The 7 Stages of Marriage Workshop provides a practical program to help you navigate the journey and stages of marriage. Each stage has a set of missions that strengthen communication, passion, friendship, and addressing differences. Questionnaires will help you identify your stage as well as give you the missions for each stage and the exercises to help you master important challenges that all couples face. Discussion with your partner and other participants will highlight the normal issues of marriages. “Here’s my Heart” is a tool for establishing a safe way for sharing feelings and concerns.

The benefit of this workshop is the freedom and hope you will gain when you understand the natural progression of marriage and intimacy. The workshop includes presentation, group discussion and private time for exercises. Participants of this workshop will learn: the Stages of Love and Marriage; the Missions of Each Stage; and Develop an Action Plan to Enhance Their Relationship.

To register for a workshop please contact Rita DeMaria, PhD at 215-628-2450.
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Rekindling the Spark Workshop
Is it possible to have a loving, sexual, romantic relationship for a lifetime? That’s what many people hope for. In this workshop you will learn about the stages of love relationships as well as ways to keep your relationship passionate. In this workshop you will learn how to identify areas for growth in your relationship and explore the mysteries of romantic love, emotions, and success strategies for keeping the sparks of love alive.