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Dr. Rita DeMaria is a nationally recognized marriage and family therapist who provides training and supervision in couples therapy, sex therapy, anger management, relationship and marriage education and enrichment. Her work is published in professional and trade books as well as journals. She has been an Approved Supervisor of the American Association for over 35 years. She was on the faculty on Hahnemann University Marriage and Family Therapy (now Drexel University), she is currently on the faculty of the AAMFT accredited Post Graduate Certificate Program in Couple and Family Therapy at Council for Relationships, and an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Thomas Jefferson University’s Couple and Family Therapy Masters Program.   She is on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Couple and Relationship Therapy.   She has lectured widely on Genograms, Couples Therapy, Intergenerational Transmission of Family Violence, the Chemistry of Love and Sex and a wide variety of topics.   She was a trainer for the PAIRS Foundation from 2002 – 2007 training hundreds of therapists in that model which rested on the work of Virginia Satir, Bernard Guerney, George Bach and pioneers and leaders in the mental health many other leaders.  She has also applied her experience and knowledge to marriage ministries and fatherhood programs throughout Philadelphia.

Her clinical approach is based on the Intersystem Model and addresses the interplay of individual, relationship, and intergenerational family dynamics. Her expertise includes application of attachment therapy to couple and intergenerational processes, brain based approaches to emotionally focused therapy and integration of sex therapy within couples therapy. Training can be hosted by you at your location.

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The Chemistry of Relationships: The Brain, Emotions, and the Experience of Love  

PREPARE/ENRICH Initial Training for Counselors and Clergy
Become a certified trainer in the new "customized" version of the PREPARE-ENRICH inventory. It is a proven way to increase the success of marriage, reduce divorce rates.  Dr DeMaria is a Seminar Director with PREPARE-ENRICH and has expertise in applications of the inventory to distressed couples.

Distressed Couples and Marriage Education
Rita DeMaria, PhD
Family Relations
Volume 54 Issue 2 Page 242 - April 2005
Professionals generally believe that couples who choose to attend marriage education programs are not as distressed as are clinical couples and that distressed couples are not good candidates for marriage education. We examined these assumptions in 129 married couples who enrolled in a PAIRS, Practical Application of Intimate Relationship Skills (Gordon, 1994), marriage education course. Using the Enriching Relationship Issues, Communication and Happiness Inventory (Olson, 2002) typology classification with other measures of relationship adjustment, participants were classified as highly distressed, conflicted, and devitalized. Findings suggest that highly distressed married couples are among those who seek a marriage education experience. Implications for marriage education providers are discussed.

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The PREPARE/ENRICH Initial Training Seminar is a one-day seminar that give you the knowledge and ability to use this state of the art, customized inventory. Scientifically validated as a foundational program for premarital counseling, marriage enrichment, couples therapy, marriage mentoring and marriage education. PREPARE/ENRICH automatically tailors the content of the relationship assessment to fit each couple's unique relationship stage and family structure.                                                    

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Clinical Applications of Genograms:
Love, Marriage and Family Ties, An Intergenerational Approach to Couples Therapy

Dr. DeMaria is the senior author of Focused Genograms: Intergenerational Assessment of Individuals and Couples and Families, first published in 1999 and now in a 2nd edition.

Genograms are an important tool for increasing awareness and insight about family patterns and influences on current relationships. Genograms can be confusing to those who have never undertaken the adventure of studying their family through time and relationships. Studying family patterns has a long history in genealogy, family therapy and family medicine. This program was created to strengthen the focus of treatment and education for mental health professionals and relationship educators who want to add the study of the family history to their work.

Please email for more information about the training program and upcoming 2nd edition.

Supervision for Couple and Family Therapy

Rita DeMaria, Ph.D.  is a PA licensed MFT and an Approved Supervisor for AAMFT who can help you achieve your licensure or become a member of AAMFT.  Supervision includes mentoring, practice development as well as dissertation advisement and consultation. 

Dr. DeMaria is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Thomas Jefferson University Master’s in Couple in Family Therapy Program.  She teaches the Research in CFT course.   She is also on the faculty of the Council for Relationships Post-Graduate Certificate Program in Couple and Family Therapy and teaches the “Intersystem Model Approach to Relationship Therapy” course as well as Intensive CE Programs on “Intimate Family Violence’,  “Relationship Education:  Working with Individuals and Couples”, and “Bonding and Couples Therapy”.

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