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AASECT Conference, 45th Annual Conference, Miami, FL - June 9, 2013
Rita DeMaria, Ph.D. & Michele Marsh, PhD

American Psychiatric Association, 165th Annual Meeting, Philadelphia PA - May 9, 2012
Rita DeMaria, Ph.D. Panelist, w/ Scott Halzman, M.D. & Brendan Greer, M.D.

Champions for Children ’12
The National Association for Relationship and Marriage Education (NARME)
2nd Annual Conference – Baltimore Hilton, Baltimore, MD
July 22-24, 2012

  • Love, Marriage, and Family Ties:
    Understanding Intergenerational Patterns and Your Emotional Roots

  • The 7 Stages of Marriage: Mastering the Journey

Audio Presentations for Professionals

"The 7 Stages of Marriage" Can Help You in Your Practice or Relationship Education Program
Rita DeMaria presents the 7 Stages of Marriage to a group of therapists.
Listen to Rita DeMaria (58:55 minutes)

The 7 Stages of Marriage Leader's Workshop & Teach Out of the Box Kit