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At TRC, we specialize in working with ‘couples at the brink’ – couples who are just not satisfied with their relationship or who are seriously considered divorce their marriages are so painful and devitalized. We emphasize establishing dialogue that can help you compassionately mediate and resolve often seemingly impossible differences. Most people don’t know that many couples consider thoughts of divorce during marriage. Often these considerations take place early in marriage as well as in later stages and are based on unique concerns. For many couples that work through this critical time their marriages can be reconciled and strengthened. We can help you sort through your current challenges and needs and develop realistic plans for working through the issues. We provide support during the crisis of infidelity and we can help mediate conflict and helping people rebuild relationships for the future.

Our goal is to help individuals, couples, parents, and children work through the emotional experiences that may be creating stress. Separation and divorce is a time for turmoil and transition for children and adults. It is often a time of crisis that creates stress, conflict, and struggle for all family members.   

During this time, parents often struggle with becoming co-parents. We are here to help and create a safe place to discuss the problems and develop options to help them cope with the changes of today, and prepare for the needs of tomorrow. The Relationship Center has a number of services to help families during separation, divorce and in the times following the dissolution of a marriage. Our goal is to help minimize the conflict as parents focus on their children and the future.

Couples at the Brink of Divorce
Marriage is a journey.  Dr. Rita has co-authored The 7 Stages of Marriage and has worked with couples at every stage who have considered divorce – the Passion Stage, the Realization Stage, the Rebellion Stage, the Cooperation Stage, the Explosion Stage, the Reunion Stage and the Completion Stage.        

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INFIDELITY is often a reason that a spouse considers divorce. For over 30 years Dr. Rita has worked with ‘couples at the brink’. In addition to her extensive clinical experience, she has conducted and published research and led numerous professional trainings and seminars as well.  Her expertise is recognized by leading experts in the field like Peggy Vaughan (

Affairs are one of the most difficult challenges a couple can face. Many couples do get over this challenge but the process is difficult. We can help. Healing is possible. Couples can recover from infidelity if they are willing to work on their relationship, despite the anger and hurt that they feel now. First, they need to recognize that there is no easy fix and all couples have unique and complicated relationships.

Co-parenting Counseling
We work with couples to address and understand their adversarial feelings toward each other and open up the opportunity to dialogue and potential negotiation on behalf of their children.  Our approach focuses not only on strategies for effective communication but also how to achieve collaborative agreements and the skills parents need to co-parent with children who living in two separate homes. We also work with parents, step-parents, and grandparents to work with the special needs of the children and will collaborate with our lawyers, psychologists, or judges to resolve conflicts in their parenting plans..

Mediation Services
We begin with a comprehensive family assessment. Services are designed to work with adults and children focusing on the challenges and needs of the reorganized family. Our Mediation Services are for adults interested in working out the details of their divorce in an amicable manner. Mediation allows clients to maintain control over their own lives. Parties are given an opportunity to work together for the benefit of their children, to make decisions and resolve issues that cloud their individual and co-parenting abilities to focus on the important task of parenting.

Parent-Child Reunification
Reunification is often ordered when there is significant conflict between the parents. Many times it is the first order for visitation after a long period when the custodial parent had control of the child’s access to the other parent. Not only is it a time of transition for the child to visit their noncustodial parent, it is a transition for the custodial parent to comply with the Court’s expectations for visitation to occur. Motivation for change is likely to start in the heart and soul of the noncustodial parent. This can be contagious. With the help of thoughtful court orders, the child and both parents can make the gradual transitions toward success.